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About Wagers

Wagers has provided unclaimed property management systems to state governments since it was founded in 1988. Our systems, installed in the majority of unclaimed property departments across the US, are the most comprehensive and advanced systems in use today.

With our only focus being on unclaimed property management solutions, we are able to focus our development energies directly on the needs and priorities of our client states.

We also pride ourselves on excellent customer support -- our clients know that when they make a request of us, they know that we will rapidly integrate their request into our unclaimed property management systems. Our clients are the reason our products are as good as they are today.

Our technical staff has over 50 years of development expertise. We use the leading development tools and databases for our products.

For more information on Unclaimed Property Management Systems, contact us at:

5777 Central Ave, Suite 227
Boulder, CO 80301
by Phone (303) 413-9450

For HRS Pro Enterprise Sales and Support, contact us at:

Finance & Revenue Solutions
Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc
100 Hancock Street, 10th Fl
Quincy, MA 02171

by Phone (617) 371-9900
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