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Holder Reporting System Software 

What is HRS Pro ?

HRS Pro is a proven software package recommended by many states to prepare an unclaimed property report in the required format.

HRS Pro is specifically designed for and accepted by states that utilize Wagers unclaimed property management systems (currently 41 unclaimed property programs).

HRS Pro is available in two versions

..... Differences:

Standard Edition  
  •  Single-user database access
  •  Limited to 1 Holder (or Company)
  •  Limited storage of data to local computer
  •  Limited export of data, only to Naupa format
  •  Expires every 6 months
  •  No fee
  •  Limited technical support, see "HRS Pro Support" link left side of screen
Enterprise Edition  
  •  Multi-user capability
  •  No limitation to Holders (or Companies) added
  •  Supports storage of data to centralized storage location
  •  Supports ability to save data to CSV file
  •  $295 annual fee for initial 3 user license
  •  Direct technical phone support:

All supported states accept the NAUPA III format. See disclaimer for individual state acceptance and information on NAUPA III

If unsure of the submission requirements for a specific state, please contact that state directly. State contact information is available on the state information FAQ page under the question how do I find state contact information?.

Click here to download the NAUPA Revised (NAUPA III) Electronic Reporting Standard (in PDF format).


Xerox Finance & Revenue Solutions Enhanced Reporting Services includes:

Unclaimed Property Reporting Services  
  •  Keeping up with state law changes
  •  Determining account eligibility
  •  Due diligence
  •  Reporting Securely in each state specific format
  •  Appropriate for companies with 10,000 or more properties


Click here to get the free Acrobat Reader for pdf format