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HRS Pro Web Info

HRS Pro Web is our newest application and is now available here allowing you to report your unclaimed property to the state using a web browser. Below you will find FAQs relating to the Web Application.

What is HRS Pro Web?

HRS Pro Web application is a web-based holder reporting site that is accessible through your web browser. Two versions of HRS Pro Web are offered: standard and enterprise. The standard edition provides all of the functionality for a holder to submit their unclaimed property to all States and Provinces. The enterprise edition provides additional capabilities. See Edition Comparison here.

Are there new features in Web application that are not in the Desktop application?

Both HRS Pro Desktop and HRS Pro Web provide all of the capabilities you need to create and submit your unclaimed property reports. HRS Pro Web has all of the functionality offered in HRS Pro Desktop. In addition, HRS Pro Web now allows you to add a description to your reports and easily find reports with the use of filters.

HRS Pro also includes enhanced state specific forms, notification when your reports are approaching State deadlines, and provides the option to renew & purchase online. Whereas, HRS Pro Desktop requires software installation, HRS Pro Web is accessible in your web browser. For this reason, updates to state reporting rules can be rolled out seamlessly.

Is the Web application free?

The HRS Pro Web application is free for the standard edition up to 200 properties per state report and reporting for one FEIN. See the Edition Comparison here.

What if I want to continue using the Desktop application?

No problem. HRS Pro Desktop will continue to be offered and maintained as it always has. With the retirement of the Desktop Standard edition, users will be required to purchase the HRS Pro Desktop Enterprise in order to continue using the local installation application. See the information on the Enterprise Edition here.

I am currently a Desktop Enterprise customer what happens now?

You can continue using the Desktop Enterprise edition or choose to move to the Web Enterprise application. If you choose to move to the Web application, data does not get migrated to the Web application and you will no longer be able to view it in the Desktop application. Therefore, make sure you have copies of the NAUPA files (.hrs & .hde) in a secure location and print any necessary reports for your state reports. You can also export your state reports as a CSV or .XLS file by going to Holder Reports > Export Data.

Will my data transfer over to the Web application?

There is no option to transfer the data to the Web application. For those using the Desktop Enterprise edition you can export a report as CSV or Excel under Holder Reports > Export Data and then transfer the data to the new Web Spreadsheet Template which then can be imported into the Web application.

Can I import the .HDE or .HRS files into the Web application?

No. Just like with the Desktop application, the only import into the Web application is the spreadsheet template that is provided for you.

Is there a manual on how to use the Web application?

No. There are FAQs and several short 'How To' videos posted in the HRS Pro Web application.

How can I get a copy of my data when using the Web application?

Enterprise edition users will be able to export Unclaimed Property Reports either as a CSV or Excel format.

What happens to the NAUPA file after creation?

When you select to download the NAUPA file, depending on what web browser you are using the downloaded file will be saved to your local hard drive where you will then be able to manually send to the state.

Can more than one user access the same data in the HRS Pro Web Standard edition?

No. The Web Standard edition will only be available to one registered email address. The Web Enterprise edition can be purchased to include multiple user capabilities.

Is the license structure the same for Web Enterprise as it is for the Desktop Enterprise?

The Web Enterprise edition is a 3 named user license vs the Desktop which is a 3 concurrent user license. Further meaning; the Web application has to be specific to the logged in users name (email address) and the Desktop application is only 3 concurrent users (any 3 people) can log in at one given time.

What Web Browsers are supported to use HRS Pro?

Any Web Browser can be used.

Is there an expiration date for the Web application?

There is no expiration date when using the standard edition. By purchasing the enterprise edition the software will expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

Is HRS Pro Web available to use for commercialization use?

Our software license agreement states that HRS Pro is not to be used for commercialization use. If you are interested in using our product in this manner please contact us directly.

Does HRS Pro Web have resellers that I can contact to purchase the Enterprise version through?

We do not have resellers of HRS Pro. All companies using HRS Pro should purchase this product directly through us and not through a reseller.

Can I purchase the Web Enterprise application online?

Yes, you will be able to purchase HRS Pro Web with a credit card instantly. If wanting to pay by check you will also have the option to print an invoice directly online.

How do I install the Web application?

There is no installation with the Web application. The data is hosted on one of our secure servers. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Can I transfer the data from the Desktop Standard edition and move it to the Web application?

If using the Desktop Standard edition the only way to transfer data from the Desktop to the Web application is if you used the Desktop spreadsheet template to import your data into HRS Pro Desktop, you can copy the data and transfer it to the Web application spreadsheet template and then import the data into the Web application.

  1. Using your existing Desktop spreadsheet template, copy all fields by highlighting the data, CTRL + C to copy.
  2. After registering for an account in HRS Pro Web, click on the Reports tab. Select 'Import From File' option, then select to Download spreadsheet template.
  3. While the data is still copied from the original spreadsheet, on the Web Template, right click with your mouse and select 'Paste Values only'. This will ensure the formatting remains intact.

NOTE: Column C in the Web Template is different and requires a state abbreviation code if the template contains multiple states. Also in the Web template, you can now add one Safe Deposit Box item for the property.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We use SSL to provide a secure bridge between your browser and our web server. All communication is encrypted and secure. Our servers are hosted in a secure production environment in the United States. The servers are supported and monitored 24x7x365. The servers are secure and have all software patches installed on a scheduled and routine basis. We encrypt specific data at REST to provide further security.

Is my data private?

Yes, your data is completely private. We never share data with 3rd party vendors.

Is my data recoverable in case of a disaster?

All data is backed up daily and is restorable in case of a disaster. Backups are stored offsite in a remote location in case of a natural disaster.