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Before requesting support, be sure to read the FAQ's and download the latest version of HRS before submitting a support request. Your problem may have already been solved and your question may have already been answered.

If your question or problem is not found on any FAQ page or by installing the latest version, please use this form to submit HRS software related support requests only. Please direct any unclaimed property related questions to the state that you are reporting to. You can find out where to find state contact information under the state information FAQ page.

Your request will be received by email and will be responded to as soon as possible.

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Please INCLUDE the following information in Detailed Description area, if possible:
 1. Operating System (XP, Windows7, or Vista)(Use Control Panel, System to view operation system)
 2. The BUILD # (within HRS Pro, Top Menu item of Help, About)
 3. What State or Multiple States reporting to
 4. Approx. number of properties being reported
 5. Was the application installed with Administrative rights on the computer (See FAQs for more info.)

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