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Frequently Asked Questions
Software Expiration

Why does HRS Pro expire twice a year?

HRS Pro expires twice a year to ensure that HRS Pro stays in compliance with state codes, submission requirements, and gives end-users the latest updates.

  • Standard Edition expires June 15th -AND- December 15th.
  • Enterprise Edition expires once a year based on when the registration code was purchased.
  • It will expire either June 15th -OR- December 15th.

How to determine when the Enterprise edition expires and how long the license is good thru.

If purchased:

  • Before 6/1, registration code will expire on 12/15 this year.
  • Between 6/1 and 11/30, the registration code expires 6/15 of next year.
  • Between 12/1 and 12/31 of this year, the registration code expires 12/15 next year.

My HRS Pro says it will expire soon. Will I lose information that I have entered, but have not yet sent to the state?

No. In the case of the Standard Version, you may not be able to work with the data until a new version of the software is installed.

In the case of the Enterprise Version, and after installing the latest software version, it may appear to be older data, until a new registration code is purchased and the path to your network data is once again established.

If at any time, you would like to go back to using the Free Version from the Enterprise Version, locate the data on network drive. Copy the whole DATA directory to your local drive %localappdata% >HRS Pro directory. HRS Pro software should be closed when doing the copy. See the installation FAQs for more details on copying data from one computer to a new computer.

When is the best time to upgrade to the newer version to avoid expiration?

We try our very best to have an update posted the first week in June and December. However, sometimes this may not be the case due to last minute updates to the software.

A rule of thumb is to look at the "Expires On" date before downloading to determine if this has been updated from 6/15/YY to 12/15/YY OR from 12/15/YY to 6/15/YY.

What if I do not renew the Enterprise Edition before it expires?

If the Enterprise edition expires before renewing, the software will convert back to the Standard edition. The data that resides on the network will no longer be accessible through HRS Pro unless moved to the local machine. If no data resides on the local workstation, HRS Pro will ask you to recreate the User and Holder information first time logging in until the Enterprise edition is renewed or until the data has been moved to the local machine from the network.

Once the Enterprise edition is renewed, enter the registration code and reconfigure the network path under Utilities > Configuration and Defaults.