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Frequently Asked Questions
Software Expiration

Why does the enterprise edition expire?

HRS Pro expires when your registration code expires. It is advisable to review the Version Notes to ensure compliance when reporting for each state as updates can be posted throughout the course of the year.

  • Enterprise edition expires once a year based on when the registration code was purchased.
  • It will expire either June 15th -OR- December 15th.

How to determine when the Enterprise edition expires and how long the license is good thru.

If purchased:

  • Before 6/1, registration code will expire on 12/15 this year.
  • Between 6/1 and 11/30, the registration code expires 6/15 of next year.
  • Between 12/1 and 12/31 of this year, the registration code expires 12/15 next year.

My HRS Pro says it will expire soon. Will I lose information that I have entered, but have not yet sent to the state?

If you let the registration code expire, the system will become locked until you renew the enterprise edition.

To renew HRS Pro Desktop click here

When is the best time to renew the enterprise edition to avoid expiration?

With our new purchasing system, you can renew early by logging into your account and clicking on Renew Enterprise Edition. However, if paying by credit card, you should not renew until June/Dec 1st to ensure the expiration date is set correctly. If you are renewing by check, you can print an invoice anytime.

What if I do not renew the Enterprise Edition before it expires?

The system will become locked until you renew the enterprise edition and receive a new registration code.

Once the enterprise edition is renewed, enter the registration code and reconfigure the network path under Utilities > Configuration and Defaults.