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Frequently Asked Questions
Data Output

Why are there different file extensions of .HDE and .HRS for different States?

HRS Pro creates two different types of the NAUPA II files based on state requirements:

  1. .HDE
  2. The .HDE file is an encrypted secure file produced for states that have the ability to accept the encrypted files.

  3. .HRS
  4. The .HRS file is a standard text file for those states that do not have the ability to decrypt the files.

HRS Pro knows which file extension should be assigned to each particular state. All states accept the NAUPA II format.

How can I securely send my .HRS file to a State that doesn't accept the .HDE file?

You may choose to utilize a program like WinZip in which you can password protect the .HRS file. If you do this, do not send the password in the package with the CD or floppy. Contact the state you are reporting to for the best delivery method and providing them with the password.

Why can't I open my NAUPA file?

The purpose of an .HDE file is to securely lock the NAUPA file by encrypting the data which could have Personal Identifying information in it. The state you are reporting to has the ability to decrypt and load the file as necessary.

How can I be sure that NAUPA file is correct?

The detailed and summary reports can be printed after creating the NAUPA file which is an exact representation of the data that is being submitted to the state.

Error Message: Encryption Failed, This is a standard ACSII file.

Domain or Network Administrative rights are required for specific registry files to be loaded properly during installation. You need to have someone with these rights install HRS Pro on your computer. It should fix the error message and enable you to create the encrypted NAUPA file to send to the state.

Do the following:

  1. Create a backup of the DATA and LOCAL folders. For Vista, Win7, Win8: %localappdata%\HRS Pro. Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Wagers and Associates\HRS Pro.
  2. Uninstall HRS Pro and remove the DATA and LOCAL folders at: %localappdata% > HRS Pro or Programe Files.
  3. Reinstall the program with full administrative rights to the default location: c:\program files(x86 for 64-bit OS)\wagers and associates.
  4. Have the user log into HRS Pro, create a new user and holder.
  5. If using the Enterprise edition: enter the registration code under help.
  6. Replace the DATA folder only at %localappdata% > HRS Pro > DATA.
  7. Have the user log into HRS Pro again. They should see their prior data.
  8. Try and recreate the NAUPA file.

Where can I Download the revised NAUPA II Electronic Reporting Standard Format?

Click here to download the NAUPA Revised (NAUPA II) Electronic Reporting Standard (in PDF format).

How do I change the .HRS file type to .TXT?

Locate the NAUPA file with the extension of .HRS. Right click on the file name and select RENAME. Replace .HRS with .TXT.