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Frequently Asked Questions
Importing Data into HRS Pro

What formats can I use to import my unclaimed property information into HRS Pro?

A Template has been provided that can be filled in and imported back into HRS Pro.

  1. HRS Pro Template Spreadsheet can be found within HRS Pro. Click on the Utilities menu, select Import Data and then look for the link to "Open Excel Template File". Once you click on the link the spreadsheet will open in Excel.
  2. It is recommended to SAVE the template with a new filename in order to preserve the empty template for future import processes.
  3. Template MUST also be SAVED AS a file type of: Excel .XLS (...97-2003 or ...5.0/95). You may need to look thru your list of file types and look for "97-2003" or "5.0/95" within the file type descriptions. If "97-2003" fails to work, you should try the "5.0/95" version.

My unclaimed property data is in an Excel spreadsheet. Can I import my spreadsheet into HRS Pro?

No, you would need to copy and paste your unclaimed property data into the HRS Pro Template Spreadsheet provided in HRS Pro. Note: copy each column by column. Only copy VALUES so that the column formats do not change (such as text, date, numeric formats). Maintain the order of the columns in the HRS Pro Template Spreadsheet. Column widths need to be maintained. Do NOT enter return characters or line wraps in comments or addresses.

Can I import the NAUPA formatted file back into HRS Pro?

No. The NAUPA file that is generated is meant for import by the state to which you are sending the report to. There is no import process back into HRS Pro.

Error message "File contains first owner(s) with no last name"

  1. Check there is a first owner lastname in column AC.
  2. Check that there is NO TOTAL ROW at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  3. Check that the 3rd column has no values.
  4. Check for excessively wide addresses or comments and abbreviate is possible.
  5. Check for carriage returns or wraps in addresses or comments and remove these.

If you are still getting the error message, recheck that you are saving your template spreadsheet as an Excel .XLS (97-2003 or 5.0/95 workbook). If you are unable to resolve the problem, try just a few rows at a time, saving another complete spreadsheet of all rows to slowly add and test import. In between test imports, it is typical to need to delete the dataset to have an empty dataset to import into.

Error message about invalid date

  1. Check that there are no empty dates.
  2. Check that date format should look like 3/14/1998 in cell format.
  3. Check that the SSN field does not start with a letter.
  4. Check that the zip code field does not start with a letter.

Error message about Spreadsheet contains no valid data

You are probably using Excel 2010 or greater. Please save your template spreadsheet as an XLS - Excel 97-2003 or 5.0/95 workbook.

Error message of too many rows

97-2003 version of Excel is limited to 65,536 rows and 5.0/95 version of Excel is limited to 16,384 rows.

You will need to break up your data in smaller imports or use a holder reporting service to assist your reporting needs.

How do I delete a bad import and re-import the spreadsheet template?

Delete the bad import by deleting the dataset. Create a new dataset and re-import the spreadsheet template into the new empty dataset.

How can I ensure that properties and owners imported correctly?

After import, check property and owner details on random properties. Do the Verification process that is in the Data Output area and see what errors show up to determine if you need to fix state specific codes for property types, owner types, and owner relations before considering it a final import.

What is the Comments and Instructions tab in the spreadsheet template?

The Comments and Instructions tab in the spreadsheet template explains the corresponding NAUPA spec field, what the data field type is, the format of the field, and any additional comments or instructions for that field.

Trying to import spreadsheet, HRS Pro stops working.

Try saving your spreadsheet as a Workbook 5.0/95 and then try importing it again.