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Frequently Asked Questions
About HRS Pro

Why is the software free?

We provides support to more than half of the United States Unclaimed Property departments. By providing electronic report submissions in a standard format that can be imported, we further provide benefit to all of the states unclaimed property departments.

Is there support for HRS Pro?

If you are using the Standard (free) edition, there is no support provided. In order for us to provide support you will need to provide a credit card upon assistance. The charge for support is $60 per issue.

For both Enterprise (paid) edition and Standard, if the issue is environmental, we will not be able to provide assistance in resolving those types of issues. We have provided a User Guide and detailed FAQs that will most likely resolve your issue. Please review these prior to contacting support.

Enterprise edition is limited to 2 support related issues.

Is there a User Guide for HRS Pro?

Yes, the latest User Guide in PDF format, is at this link HRS Pro User Guide and Install Instructions which also includes installation instructions in Appendix A and B.